KeySplint™ Nightguards

KeySplint™ Nightguards

Rutherford proudly offers high-quality nightguards printed using the innovative KeySplint™ resin. Our nightguards are ultra-strong and available to treat a wide range of bruxism symptoms, from mild to extreme nighttime bruxism. These nightguards work by providing a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth to eliminate the chance of these teeth grinding against each other. They also help with other negative repercussions from nighttime bruxism, including jaw pain, headaches, and more.

We offer nightguards crafted out of KeySplint Soft or KeySplint Hard resin, so you can choose the best option for your patient.

KeySplint Soft:





KeySplint Hard


Highly Abrasion-Resistant

Unmatched Strength

Post-Trauma Tooth Immobilization