The Rutherford team is proud to provide thorough diagnostic services to all our dental clients. We utilize the latest digital dentistry equipment to ensure highly accurate planning for a variety of complex cases.

Anterior Cosmetic Cases

Your patient wants a beautiful smile, and the Rutherford team is here to help ensure their satisfaction. Our team is highly skilled in anterior cosmetic cases and will utilize their high-level craftsmanship to fabricate lifelike anterior restorations. 

All-on-X Treatment Planning

All-on-X restorations utilize as few implants as possible to support an immediately loaded full-arch restoration. This treatment is frequently extremely complex, especially considering that typically All-on-X restorations utilize angled implants to make the most of available bone. Our team will work alongside your practice to plan an ideal All-on-X treatment that does not require bone grafting and is extremely straightforward.

Denture Planning

Does your patient need to go to a fully edentulous solution like full dentures? Our team will utilize our expertise and digital dentistry equipment to help you quickly and easily transition your patient into a full-arch prosthesis.